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    Xbox One S Console Microsoft 1TB Assassins Creed Origins + Rainbow 6


    After having conquered the hearts of gamers with the Xbox 360 and having reiterated with the Xbox One, Microsoft now offers its improved version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S. On the program, a reduced size but more power to read music. 4K content. A brand new design for new performance With its size 40% smaller than the original, the small derivative of the Xbox One comes in white and can now stand … Read more

    The key points

    • 1TB Hard Drive
    • Standard graphics processor
    • The +: Dolby Atmos compatible 4K Blu-ray player
    The advantages of this model
    Advantages: Compact; HDR, Ultra HD 4K and UHD Blu-ray compatible; Wireless controller included
    Main Features
    Hard Disk: 1 TB
    Play in 4K: Yes, via upscaling
    Resolution: 4K
    HDR Compatible: Yes
    Bluetooth: yes
    Internet connection: XBox Live
    Controller: Wireless
    Type of veneer accessory: Console
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    Xbox One X console Microsoft Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order


    The World’s Most Powerful Console Games run better on Xbox One X. With 40% more power than any other console, you’ll enjoy a truly immersive 4K gaming experience. Keep playing the games you already have. They display perfectly, they run smoothly and load quickly. And nothing could be easier than sharing game saves and achievements with your friends …  Read more

    The key points

    • 1TB Hard Drive
    • Powerful graphics processor
    • 1 controller
    • The +:  Includes the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order game
    The advantages of this model
    Advantages:  -Games & video 4k ultra HD-HDR (High Dynamic Range) -1 TB of storage-Latest generation controller, Bluetooth technology “
    Main Features
    Hard Disk:  1 TB
    Range:  Star Wars
    Play in 4K:  Yes
    Resolution:  4K
    HDR Compatible:  Yes
    Bluetooth:  yes
    Internet connection:  XBox Live
    Controller:  Wireless
    Type of veneer accessory:  Console
    Number of joysticks:  1
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